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 Leaves Eyes Interview
 Metal Retardation Volume 4
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 My Dying Bride interview

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 Cannibal Corpse
 Eric Wagner of TROUBLE
 Septic Flesh interview
 Mournful Congregation
 Esoteric Interview
 Finntroll Interview
 Corpsegrinder Sings MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB
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 Epica interview PART 3
 Tyr interview
 Primordial interview
 Cannibal Corpse interview
 Sharlee D'angelo (Mercyful Fate, Arch Enemy)
 Arkona interview
 DEATH METAL: Are We Watching You Die? (clip #1)
 Enthroned Interview part 1
 Enthroned interview part 2
 Enthroned Interview part 3


   Enjoy the interviews and other content.  The Grimoire became famous for brutal humor, but there is plenty of straighforward and sober material for you if your jaw aches too much from smiling.


   Do not proceed further if you are easily offended. 


   The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds magazine is not suitable for people with low reading comprehension, or for people who are socially-inept.


   Please take the time to REGISTER (upper right corner of this page).  When you register, you will be among the exalted ones who will receive newsletters directly from Bill Zebub.  You will also be able to enjoy priveleged content, like music, video, pictures, and other things that are hidden from the general public.

  Bill Zebub hosted a radio show on 91.1 Fm, WFMU THOR's DAY nights, midnight-2am on 91.1 FM and streamed live at

You can stream.downlaod the shows by clicking DUMDUM or BILL ZEBUB


   He has created accounts on social networking sites as follows:

Also look at for short news blips.


You can now watch many of his movies online at vemeo - 

visit to find your favorires (copy and past that into your browser)

Bill Zebub awakens from Coma - Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hopefully this site gets a complete overhaul, but for now, the primary focus is fresh new content. so look for that. 

Also be aware that the reason for the pause was that Bill Zebub has been developing a script called "FANZINE EDITOR" and was going to wait for the movei to be released before he did further work with the magazine, but this project has become long-term, so the only excuse for not providing delicious new words is laziness.

Bill Zebub's youtube channel hits one million views!!!! - Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yesterday Bill Zebub's youtube channel hit over a million views! Thank you fro watching, sharing, and spreading the madness. You help Bill Zebub each time you write about him on the Internet and every time you talk to people about his movies and antics. The youtube channel is and if you are too lazy and gay to copy/paste, you can just click HERE

Metal Retardation #3 and #4 - Thursday, May 8, 2014

As you know, Bill Zebub conducts video-interviews for a DVD version of the Grimoire which bears the name METAL RETARDATION.


The current version is TOTAL METAL RETARDATION and is a bonus movie in teh SCIENECLESS FICTION DVD, which you must buy directly from BILL ZEBUB.  Email him at bill at thegrimoire dot com for information.  This volley has Cannibal Corpse, Epica, Heidevolk, Trollfest, Varg, Wintersun, Primordial, Tyr, and several other bands.  This will soon be available on video-on0demand if you are too gay to get the SCIENCELESS FCITION DVD.


METAL RETARDATION VOLUME 4 is in the works.  This will be the firstone shot in HD but will still be available in DVD (DVD is standard definition, gaylord). It will be on-demand in HD.  So far, this roster is pretty nice. IMMOLATION, SANCTUARY, CANDLEMASS, MY DYING BRIDE, LEAVES EYES, ATROCITY, HEIDEVOLK, SEPTIC FLESH, FINNTROLL ESOTERIC amd a Sweridsh stoner doom band are in this, as well as whatrever nonfaggy bands pass through while editing goes on.  Stay tuned.


Please don't forget that there are two early retardations out there, EXTREME EMTAL RETARDATION, and  METAL RETARDATION, so stop being gay and get these (there is a chance that these are on-demand on if you are the type of fag who watches stuff this way)


If you haven't figured it out, nothing about this magazine is politically-correct, and if you are offended by the language we use, then please avoid further reading, and do not under any circumstance watch the video content.  It is only for metal people, not for brainwashed conformists.

Bub returns to Radio - Friday, June 7, 2013


   Bill Zebub returns to the airwaves. Beginning June 13th, he will host a show every Thursday night from Midnight-3am New York time. (yes, technically that is a Friday)  The show is broadcast live on 91.1 FM as well as streamed live at  Additionally, the show is archived on that sire for podcast/download. 

   So tune in and enjoy the musical offerings, as well as unscripted entertainment. 

   This schedule remains valid until the end of December, so get it while it's hot!!!

Bill Zebub found dead - Monday, April 1, 2013

Bill Zebub was found dead this morning. He had been filming a movie called "Indie Director" and was under extreme pressure to get the movie finished by the end of April. The extra rush made him overlook regular safety precautions. He had wanted to film the entire movie with dynamic camera, meaning that the camera would never stay still, but due to the time constraints he had to shoot everything from a tripod, risking the ire of bloggers who consider static shots to be archaic. But the time saving camera-on-a-tripod technique, which bloggers hate, allowed Bill Zebub to film himself without a crew. After all, as bloggers can tell you, all you have to do is press the "on" button, so cameras on tripods show extreme laziness of directors, or hacks, as it were. Bill Zebub composed a shot which would allow him to be naked in a bath tub without showing his private parts to the camera, which was on a tripod. This was to be a heart-wrenching scene in which his character commits suicide because the world hates his movies, especially bloggers. He would commit suicide by taking a bubble bath and tossing a tape recorder into the water when a certain song by Mercyful Fate would play, electrocuting him as a result. The tape recorder was a prop and was connected to a phony electric outlet. But the halogen light which illuminated the scene was of course connected to a live outlet. Bill Zebub pulled the light a little closer to the tub because he did not like a certain unflattering shadow on his washboard abs, but he slipped, and the light fell into the tub, roasting him as he cried. His surviving children have been asked to release the footage so that the scene could be complete. If permission will be granted, you will see the most fitting end to this notorious director. 
Inept tour manager asks record labels to ban Bill Zebub - Saturday, December 22, 2012

Here is what the tour manager from Wintersun wrote after Bill Zebub interviewed VARG and WINTERSUN.  On a scale of gayness, from 1 to 10, this is one billion.

Gay words, exactly quoted:

"Wintersun (and also Varg) is not interested to do any more interviews EVER with Bill"
"The reasons are the following:

The guys was that wasted when he did the interview, that he couldn't even stand on his feet
he dropped the videocamera for at least 5 times during the interviews.
he made VERY offensive questions to the band
he started to ask BULLSHIT Nazi questions to both bands. "
BILL ZEBUB to make a movie called "FANZINE EDITOR" - Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bill Zebub has begun writing a script for the movie "FANZINE EDITOR" which is a fictionalized depiction of the history of THE GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS.  Although it is fiction, it will teach you about the early days of fanzines, and also of the meteoric rise of the GRIMOIRE to the #1 status.  Stay tuned for more details.

New video clips added that will take your pants off - Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bill Zebub added two pages, one for the

death metal

documentary and one for the

black metal

documentary. Lots of clips have been loaded for your pleasure. Make some coffee and spend an hour or two enjoying the footage. Of course, much more content is available on those DVD's. (also check out the



METAL RETARDATION on youtube - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bill Zebub uploaded many of the chapters from METAL RETARDATION onto youtube. You can see one on the upper right corner of this page. If you love what you see, support BILL ZEBUB and buy the DVD, which has extras, as well as better quality. One of the reasons for the upload is because the interviews was done for THE GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS and was meant to be enjoyed in print. (Most of the interviews in the magazine were recorded with an audio device, but sometimes Bill Zebub used a video camera for fun.)
People seem to like METAL RETARDATION, so Bill Zebub is choosing the video format for recording interviews. There might be a part 2, a part 3, etc.
Another reason why the footage was uploaded is because some viewers live in countries where the DVD is very hard to find. So this is the next best choice. Enjoy the craziness. And don't forget to visit for more movie info. 
Bill Zebub to present latest film at a screening party - Friday, June 4, 2010


Bill Zebub will present FORGIVE ME FOR RAPING YOU on Thursday, June 17, at the Clash Bar in Clifton.  Free admission.  Doors open at 9.  Movie will start PROMPTLY by 9:30.  After the movie is over the Clash Bar will revert to its usual atmosphere.

FORGIVE ME FOR RAPING YOU is the first movie that Bill Zebub directed for an outside movie company (Rough Pictures).  It is about a serial killer priest, shot to be as creepy, disturbing, and uncomfortable to watch as possible.  The villain is so vile that the audience might actually laugh, but it is expected that viewers will want to take a shower after watching this sick tale.

Must be over 21 to enter.  The Clash Bar serves food as well as inebriatory beverages.  They have just added nachos to their menu.  Bring an after dinner mint, or use alcohol to kill the germs that cause bad breath and plague.  Fight the cavity creeps.

Rue Morgue Magazine supports Bill Zebub - Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bill Zebub was interviewed on the Rue Morgue site - click on RUE MORGUE

Additionally, three of Bill Zebub's movies were reviewed for the 100th annivesary issue of Rue Morgue, which is on newsstands now.  The movies that were reviews: Ravage the Scream Queem, Breaking Her Will, and Night of the Pumpklin.

Bill Zebub will be present at Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear in Toronto in August.  There is not yet an announcement about which actress will accompany Bill Zebub. 

Bill Zebub was found dead - Thursday, April 1, 2010
This morning, 4/1/10, Bill Zebub was found dead in a friend's apartment. His friend, whose identity is being witheld, had asked him to house-sit. The apartment had a large number of animals, some of which are illegal to own, including a 5-foot albino alligator and a deadly brown snake from Australia. Bill Zebub was bitten twice by the snake, and his head, legs, and right arm were bitten off and swallowed by the large alligator. Bil Zebub's blood showed an astoundlingly high alcohol level. Friends told police that Bill Zebub believed that he had a way with animals, and he probably thought that he could tame the beasts. Funeral announcements will be privately sent to close friends after the autopsy results. 
VOIVOD and KREATOR to appear in RAP SUCKS - Friday, March 5, 2010

Last night Voviod and Kreator were filmed for a variety of upcoming Bill Zebub titles.They both performed cameos for Rap Sucks, the metal comedy that is currently in production. They also shared their opinions about black metal for the upcoming Black Metal: The Music of Satan. The main filming was full-lenght interviews conducted by George Stiso which don't have a target yet, but they will be uploaded onto youtube for you to enjoy for free, and they will become available later on in some sort of interview-anthology, and of course excerpts may will appear in METAL RETARDATION 2. 
More Site Content Being Added - Sunday, December 13, 2009

Slowly but surely this site is getting beefed up.  GRIMOIRE GIRLS were just added.  In the coming days more and more pics will appear (in the interview pages as well).  After that, a repository (a download page) will be made available for registered users.  Registered users will be rewarded wit free PDF's of previous issues as well as some mp3's.

Your Patience is Appreciated - Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's going to take some time for this site to get loaded with content.  Feel free to Email your opinions.  Currently the background is white and the text is black because that seems to be the most comfortable viewing experience.  There are very few pictures, but many will be added as the design gets fnalized.  Grimoire Girls will of course be added.  The site could have been in "under contruction" mode for a month, but it is probably best to have it "live" so you can see it grow before your very eyes. 

The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds gets a new look - Monday, November 23, 2009

The website for The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds has been revamped.  It is hoped that the changes make for a more enjoyable visit.



Hey, seriously, an alternate version of The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds is being tested at


You should help to test it out.  The Grimorie of Exalted Deeds functions best in printed form, but the alternate site seems like a good idea for the other aspects of the magazine, and you can get reviews and interviews in an eaiser to navigate, and timely, manner.  Well, we'll see.  Check t out.  It will contuinue to bn developed along with yout input.  Also, you can now COMMENT on reviews and interviews, so if You think that Bill Zebub was an asshole, you can state your opinion, and if he was totally clueless, you can make a remark.

 Black Metal: the Music of Satan
 cast of Nightmare on Elmo's St
 Death Metal Documentary
 Peter Steele interview
 King Diamond interview
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