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 Bill Zebub's Movies

   Bill Zebub produces three types of movies: comedies, horror, and documentaries.  They are all low budget and, of course, independent.  The people who love them REALLY love them, and the people who hate them REALLY hate them.  The most common scores on sites like imdb are either a 1 or a 10 (out of 10). Which category of viewer do you fall into?

   Most of Bill Zebub's movies can be rented on netflix, and some appear at blockbuster.  There are numerous retail shops that carry the movies.  As widespread as the films get, they still remain true to the independent spirit.  In fact, in 2009 many of Bill Zebub's movies appeared in malls, in FYE and Coconuts.  However, in November 2009 (according to one report) a district manager saw the titles while visiting a store, took some copies into the office, and had a reaction that resulted in ALL movies being recalled. 

   If you love shopping at an actual brick and mortar store and you don't see a Bill Zebub movie, you can probably get a clerk to order one for you.  If you go to Best Buy, you can tell the clerk which movies you want and he/she will check for them on the computer and, in most cases, will be able to get your desired titles the next day with free shipping (for an in-store pick-up)

   For people who trust the Internet for shopping, just GOOGLE the hell out of the titles to find the best prices and shipping options.

   You can feel proud about supporting Bill Zebub's movies.  They are not for everybody, and even when they appear in mainstream places they are VERY far from being mainstream.  It is because of you that Bill Zebub's movies continue to be made. 

 Antfarm Dickhole